Here is a selection of the most frequently asked questions received by The Classroom™. If your query is not covered here then please don't hesitate to email


I'm new to Thailand and need help as a first timer with regards local customs and procedures. Can The Classroom™ help me?


We sure can! Our two managers have nearly 40 years' combined experience in Pattaya. The webmaster has lived here for more than 20 years. If there's anything you want to know simply email:


I've heard of "another Classroom" in Pattaya—what's the story there?


All is explained at The Classroom™ History page.


Will The Classroom™ help me with information on Pattaya, booking hotels, island trips, etc.


Absolutely! We pride ourselves on having customer care that is second to none—our patrons' enjoyment of the bar is paramount and we go out of our way to make sure you have the greatest possible Classroom experience. We will give all the assistance you need to have the time of your lives in The Classroom™ and Pattaya in general. Our friendly staff will reply to all your questions; guaranteed—you need only email


How can I send money or gifts to my girlfriend?


Just click any Online Shop link, choose what you'd like to do or send, and we will arrange everything for you. If you need any help just click one of the numerous email links throughout the site and our staff will soon be in touch to answer your questions.


What if I'd like to send a gift of my own choice that is not featured on the site?


No problem! Just tell us what you'd like and if it's possible to get it in Pattaya then we will help you arrange everything. We will quote you a price and give you precise instructions on how to proceed.


I've sent email to a girl(s) at The Classroom™ but have received no reply. Why not?


The girls get A LOT of email! If they don't actually know who the person that has written to them then there is a 50-50 chance they won't reply. This is mainly due to the expense of translating the message(s) from English to Thai—while many girls do speak good English that's not necessarily the case when it come to reading and writing it.


Are there any other attractions in Pattaya apart from the nightlife?


Hell yes, you name it! Island Boat Trips, Scuba Diving, Wind Surfing, Nong Nooch Village, Numerous International Standard Golf Courses, Elephant Village, Crocodile Farm, Snake Show, Pattaya Water Park, Mini Siam, Ripley's Believe It Or Not at Royal Garden Plaza, Floating Market, Pattaya Under Water World, Shooting Range, Ten-pin bowling, Pattaya Go Kart, Paintball, Bunjy Jumping, to name but a few!


What is a bar fine?


Paying a girl's bar fine allows her to stop working and accompany you wherever you wish. The duration of your relationship depends entirely on you.


If I'm interested in a girl how do I get her attention?


If you're in the bar at the time eye contact and a smile is usually all that is required. Failing that, just ask the Mamasan or a manager for some assistance and things will soon be arranged.
If you're looking at the web site then the best way to make a girl sit up and take notice is a small gift—if that doesn't work then nothing will!


If after taking a Classroom girl I find I'm attracted to another one, will there be a problem?


If you do things sensibly then absolutely not! No girl in the world likes to be dumped for another one, but if you just buy her a drink, quietly tell her you are on holiday and don't want to get serious about anyone and would like to enjoy yourself with another girl then that will be the end of it.


How safe is Pattaya?


Pattaya has a very low crime rate (compared to London it's a walk in the park!) but, as in every big city in the world, you have to use commonsense. Don't flash your money around for all to see; don't walk unaccompanied down dark alleyways! Just be sensible and you'll be safe.


Would learning some Thai words be an advantage?


Thai people will generally be delighted if you have taken the time to learn some of their language. Bar girls are, however, usually less than impressed with someone who can speak Thai well because they prefer guys who are not so "savvy " about Thailand. Make sure you seek out The Classroom™ managers for invaluable local knowledge—they are there to help you save time and money.


Can I get credit in The Classroom™?


Absolutely no chance!