The Classroom™ started out as a modest one unit gogo bar, back in December 1993, on the site of the old Cuckoo's Nest beer bar here in Soi 13/4, South Pattaya. Within a couple of years, through sheer demand, we were forced to expand and double in size. This however still proved to be inadequate and there was soon a further expansion of the bar into a three-unit premises.


With the addition of The Class Rooms Hotel (at present 16 rooms, soon to be 20 rooms with an elevator) we have further expanded into a four unit premises following the acquisition of Miss Dinos bar.


Around 1995 the then owners of our original Classroom bar opened Classroom 2 in North Pattaya. However there was soon a falling-out and parting of the ways for both the bars and their then respective owners. An interesting and largely unknown aside is that Classroom 2 was given as part of a severance agreement on the understanding that the name of their bar be changed to "Thunderstruck"—as soon as ties were broken with us the then "Classroom 2" promptly reneged upon this agreement!


As much as they would like you think otherwise they now have no connection whatever with us, and that has been the case for many, many years!


Due to persistent infringements by this other bar we were forced to trademark The Classroom™ name in Thailand in 2009. This prompted the fake Classroom into yet another name change. It is currently using Lek's Classroom A-Go-Go Bar.


They are seriously attempting to deceive people new to town into thinking that they are coming to our bar or one that is at least connected to the real Classroom bar in South Pattaya (us!). We often hear of disappointed customers who have inadvertently gone to the wrong place! If you want the real thing then The Classroom™ is located as shown on the map.


the classroom bar in south pattaya


For more details on how to find The Classroom™ go to

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